Why People Tend to Ignore Hearing Loss?

Why People Tend to Ignore Hearing Loss?

Why People Tend to Ignore Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a gradual or sudden decrease in a person’s hearing. The hearing loss is often severe or mild, and permanent or temporary depends on the cause. The gradual hearing loss can have an effect on both adults and children. In fact, it is the third most common lasting health problems among American adults and increases with age. The loss of hearing can be gradual, that many are oblivious they are losing their hearing power.
According to the research studies, almost two-thirds of people aged 70 and above suffer from this problem. The hearing loss was less common in women than in men. Besides, it was more common in white adults: 64%, compared to 43% of blacks. Yet only a minority of these people use hearing aids. This is attributed to many factors.
Firstly, most of the people with this complication are unaware or deny not having a hearing problem. Instead, they ever complain that everyone seems to talk too fast or murmur. Some are self-conscious to wear a hearing gadget. Even those who have the gadget don’t wear them frequently. Even though hearing aids have developed greatly in recent years, most of the people who had a worse experience, decline to explore the new options.

There are various causes of hearing loss. It can be divided into two major categories:

Conductive hearing loss 

occurs due to mechanical complications in the middle or outer ear. The ossicles may fail to conduct sound correctly, or the eardrum may fail to vibrate in response to sound. This type of ear loss can be caused by fluid in the middle ear.

Sensorineural hearing loss

occurs when the inner ear has a complication. In most cases, it results due to the damage of the nerve endings that is responsible for sound transmission through the ear. Conductive hearing loss is often reversible while the sensorineural hearing loss is not. People having both conditions are said to have assorted hearing loss.
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Noise is a common cause of loss of hearing. Noise provoked hearing damage can affect everyone and is the main cause of gradual hearing loss. Eventually, the noise experienced during recreational activities including attending concerts, at work, or during daily activities such as using an alternator, heavy machines can cause hearing loss.
Age is also a major cause of hearing impairment. As the person ages, the inner ear nerves and cells change causing a gradual and steady hearing loss. It can range from mild to severe; however, the damage is always permanent.
Objects lodged in the ear or earwax build-up can result in hearing loss. Hearing loss due to earwax buildup is easily treated once you remove the earwax. Autotoxin medicine including some antibiotics and other dangerous substances such as mercury, arsenic, lead, tin, and manganese can cause ear damage.
Ear infection, as well as fluid in the middle ear following flu or cold, can lead to hearing loss. However, the loss is normally temporary. Even though, severe and untreated ear infections can lead to permanent effects. Also, head or ear injuries can damage ear structure causing sudden and long-term hearing damage.
Reversible or temporary treatment for hearing loss depends on the form of hearing damage. For permanent hearing damage, hearing aids can be employed to magnify sounds. For infections as well as cold associated hearing impairment, the complications typically improve naturally; however, the impairment may need antibiotics. Head or ear injuries can heal naturally depending on severity, but if permanent they may require surgery.
For permanent hearing loss, hearing aids can improve hearing. Hearing devices amplify sounds. They are designed not to restore hearing but to help with communication and functioning. Alerting and assistive communication gadgets can also be valuable communication aids.
Before buying a hearing aid device, it is important to seek help from an audiologist. He can help you choose the right model based on your hearing and living dexterity and needs. Besides, he can program your hearing aid depending on the change of condition.

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Why People Tend to Ignore Hearing Loss?

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