Yoga for Beginners: Getting Started!

Yoga for Beginners: Getting Started!

Yoga for Beginners: Getting Started!

Typically in the world, if you have a medical issue or illness, you go to the doctor, get a prescription and take the medicine. There is a prescription drug for almost everything that may ail you. Unfortunately, many of these drugs result in harmful side-effects and can end up hurting you more than helping you. Due to this, many people are now seeking out alternative medicinal practices. Like acupuncture, herbal remedies, Eastern exercise, and meditation practices become increasingly popular.

One Eastern practice that has gained much popularity in Western cultures is yoga. It is estimated that more than 20 million young people practice yoga, which is more than triple what it was just 15 years ago. Yoga is loved for its mind-clearing abilities, stress reduction, focused breathing, improved flexibility, increased strength, and symptom relief of many common ailments, among many other benefits.

How to Start Doing Yoga:

Beginning yoga can be intimidating. A big class of people contorted into seemingly impossible positions may leave you running out the door before you even lay out your yoga mat. Try to remember that just showing up is how to begin yoga. Perfection is not a requirement. When you choose to begin yoga, these tips from the article will put you at ease.
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Check out these tips for yoga beginners:

You don’t have to be Gumby on day oneYoga for Beginners: Getting Started!

The teacher will not give you a flexibility test as you walk in the door in order to gain entrance to the class. Yes, typically, there will be some people there who have been practicing for a while and can move their bodies in ways that may surprise you. Luckily, yoga is not a competitive sport and your practice is just that…your practice. As a yoga beginner, you’ll want to go at your own pace and listen to your body. Don’t try to become a pretzel on the first day if your body just won’t move that way. Start out slow and work your way into poses. You will be amazed at the increased flexibility you will have as you get further along in your practice.

You don’t have to be a stick figure.Yoga for Beginners: Getting Started!

While weight loss and/or weight maintenance are benefits of yoga, there is not a thinness requirement. People of all shapes and sizes practice yoga which makes it such a great activity. Always remind yourself that you are there to achieve mind-body awareness and receive health benefits…not fit into your skinny jeans (that’s just an added bonus). If you are trying to lose weight through a healthy diet and exercise, be sure to find your fitness routine through PATIENCE to get the best results!

Open your mind.Yoga for Beginners: Getting Started!

Do not begin any yoga class with any expectations besides simply experiencing the class. Dump all fears, worries, insecurities, inhibitions, and expectations into the wastebasket as you enter the class. The best beginner yoga is done without anxiety regarding the practice.  Clear your mind and relax your body as you begin your journey into the healing practice of yoga.

Try out the different types of yoga.Yoga for Beginners: Getting Started!

There are many different types of yoga, so be sure to go through the buffet line and try out each one to see which style is best for you. You can also attend a beginner yoga class, where everyone is learning together. The instructor will be able to show you yoga positions for beginners so you can ease your way into the way your body moves in yoga. A beginner yoga workout is helpful but not necessary as yoga is practiced at your own level wherever you go. You might even want to invest in a beginner Yoga DVD so you can practice at home. It may take you a while to find the type of yoga that you enjoy the most, but it is worth it!
Learn from the best.Yoga for Beginners: Getting Started!
With so many yoga classes around, it is important to find a qualified instructor. Look for the letters RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) next to an instructor’s name. Whether it’s beginner yoga classes or more advanced, a good, qualified teacher will make all of the difference in the world. They will be able to help explain the principles and poses of yoga to build a strong foundation for your practice.
So, if you’re looking for something new, or alternative treatment for a medical condition, yoga may be for you. Again, start off slow with easy yoga positions for beginners and add on as you build up strength, endurance, and flexibility. Remember to keep in mind that all exercise takes time for the body to adapt, and the best yoga for beginners is the one that you feel most comfortable with and enjoy the most.

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Yoga for Beginners: Getting Started!

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