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Blue Lips: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Blue Lips: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Many people have seen someone with blue lips but not many of us know what the cause behind this is often. The bluish skin discoloration might be a sign of a lack of oxygen in the blood or even represent something more serious like an abnormal form of hemoglobin.
Blue lips are also known as lip cyanosis and it can represent a lower level of oxygen in the red blood cells. Blood flow may return to normal when the heat is applied as this can often be due to cold or constriction as a result of the cold. If you go swimming on a very cold day you might notice that you will have bluish lips, but this usually fades as soon as your body temperature gets back to normal. Some of the underlying causes of blue lips may include asthma, emphysema and pulmonary edema. This is why be so important to make sure that you speak to your doctor if blue lips persist.

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Causes Of Blue Lips


asthma is an inflammatory disease that occurs in the lungs and can often make it very difficult to breathe. It may also course coughing attacks as well as shortness of breath and tightness in the chest. This difference between childhood asthma and adult-onset asthma. Allergic asthma can be triggered by a variety of allergens including food preservatives, pollen and pet dander.


emphysema is a disease that occurs in the lungs and it is often seen in smokers. It can also happen in people who often inhaled irritants; emphysema destroys the lungs is spherical air sacks and due to this it can reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the bloodstream. Emphysema can also course the lungs to lose their elasticity permanently.

Pulmonary Edema

Pulmonary edema may be a condition where the lungs fill up with fluid. When this happens the body struggles to get enough oxygen; the most common cause of this condition is congestive heart failure when the heart is no longer able to pump blood properly throughout the body. This means that not enough oxygen is pumped throughout the bloodstream to the rest of the body.

Diagnosis And Treatment

The simplest way to measure the oxygenation of your blog is to use a non-invasive pulse oximeter. Your arterial blood gases are drawn to measure oxygenation and to determine if there are any other factors that may be contributing to blue lips. Some the treatment can enfold identifying and correcting the underlying course and restoring the oxygenated blood flow to the lips.

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