Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

Everyone knows that vegetables are healthy and an essential component of a daily diet. They can help reduce weight, provide more energy and even fight off diseases such as cancer and diabetes. A recent study has even shown that eating plenty of vegetables can lead to natural, healthy glowing skin.
I learned a lot about vegetables while doing a paper on the healthiest foods when I was studying for my online degree program. Learning about the healing and health benefits of vegetables really encouraged me to incorporate more vegetables into my daily diet. In fact, I found my research so inspiring that I am now seriously considering gaining a dietician qualification.

Based on my research, here is a comprehensive top ten list of vegetables that can boost your general health:

1. BroccoliTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Broccoli is one of the healthiest green vegetables and is known for having cancer-fighting properties. What’s more, it also provides plenty of calcium and vitamin C as well as folic acids.

2. Collared GreensTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Another top healthy green that’s made our vegetable list is collared greens which have exceptionally high health value. One of the most healthy vegetables out there, collared greens are revered for their high levels of vitamin C, fiber as well as various immune-strengthening nutrients.

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3. Sweet PotatoesTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Sweet potatoes far surpass regular potatoes in terms of being a healthy vegetable and contain lots of antioxidants that can help fight off cancerous cells and can even lessen the effects of asthma. Sweet potatoes also contain lots of iron, calcium, and fiber.

4. AsparagusTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

One of the healthiest vegetables around, asparagus is very low in calories and contains fiber and vitamin B6. It also is known for helping keep skin clear while being very low in sodium.

5. EggplantTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Eggplant has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels as well as block the formation of free radicals.  Known as one of the most heart-healthy vegetables, studies have suggested it can reduce an individual's chance of a heart attack and improve overall cardiovascular health.

6. CarrotsTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Known worldwide as one of the most healthy vegetables to eat, healthy properties of carrots include improving vision and helping to fend off cancer cells. They also help regulate blood sugar levels and keep the colon healthy.

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7. KaleTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Kale is known for containing powerful antioxidants and for preventing certain cancers, including ovarian cancer. Many dieticians believe this to be one of the healthiest vegetables you can find due to its high levels of vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium and the cancer-fighting sulforaphane compound.

8. SpinachTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Spinach made this healthy vegetable list thanks to its jam-packed content of vitamins and extremely high amount of antioxidants. Vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, magnesium, iron, folate, zinc – and many others.

9. OnionsTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Onions are known for containing properties that can prevent osteoporosis and also being loaded with vitamin C and folate. Studies have also suggested that onions can help fight against diabetes and heart disease.

10. SquashTop Ten Healthiest Vegetables List

Squash made our healthy vegetable list because its nutrients are believed to fight off cancer, arthritis, asthma and heart disease. These disease-fighting nutrients include vitamin C, potassium and calcium.
The health benefits of vegetables are endless and a healthy vegetable diet is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The great thing about all of the vegetables that made our list of healthy vegetables is that they are so versatile. Each of the above mentioned healthy vegetables can be steamed, boiled, roasted or eaten raw.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with healthy vegetable recipes, as they can do wonders for your health. Good luck & enjoy it!

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